John Forlenza-Bailey

M.ed., LADC

Newington, Connecticut

5.0 out of 5 stars Awareness, Acceptance, and Action equals the 32 Principles of Recovery  (Amazon.com review)

May 11, 2019

Read and reread my friend and colleague Rick McNeil’s “32 Principles for Recovery: Wisdom to Light the Pathway for Recovery”. Wow Rick is the real deal as a Life Coach and Substance Abuse Counselor. Although geared for the newcomer in twelve step suggested recovery. I recommend this also to anyone who wants to keep ongoing recovery reality based. This book offers honest, unselfish, loving, pure ways to obtain recovery. I love his last chapter ‘the final solution” because it incorporates awareness, acceptance, and action to the pathway for recovery.
Thank you Rick McNeil!
John F-B


Rodney Cox 

Founder Ministry Insights International and Chief Business Development Officer TTI Success Insights

Scottsdale, Arizona

Rick McNeil is a light shining through the darkness of addiction. His book, 32 Principles For Recovery, gives such practical and straightforward advice to those trapped in the lies of addiction. Each short chapters is filled with words of love, wisdom, hope and a winsome invitation to live tomorrow different than today. 

Review Rating: 5 Stars


Reviewed By: Mamta Madhavan For: Readers’ Favorite

Everyone speaks of change, changing lifestyles, and breaking cycles of destruction. In 32 Principles for Recovery: Wisdom to Light the Pathway for Recovery, Rick McNeil gives enough insights for readers to make positive changes in their lifestyle and move forward in their lives, making it empowering, rewarding and fulfilling. This book will help readers become aware of their addiction and nip it in the bud so that they have time to be around people who are positive influences. The author's words are helpful when it comes to guiding readers on how to respond to negativity and create the quality of life they desire. This book will change the way things are perceived and interpreted and will encourage readers to be grateful, even for the smallest of blessings.

The author handles a topic that needs to be discussed in a very mature and honest way. We live in times when people are so caught up with their hectic lives that they cannot find time to fix their mistakes and rectify their behavior. Each principle has been discussed in a simple and neat way, making it helpful for readers to practice and implement without much difficulty. This book is an eye-opener to many and will make them realize that is important to fix their problems so that they can handle anything that is thrown at them. I would recommend this book to all readers, especially those who require some guidance when it comes to making changes. The checklist to make new resolutions and the undeniable truths of addiction are useful in examining what needs to be done and what needs to be changed to move forward.

Rick McNeil is not just a life coach and mentor to me, but also a lifelong friend of mine.

His book, 32 Principles For Recovery, is a delightful guide full of insightful  information for anyone suffering with an addiction, who wants to enjoy the benefits of recovery. — Nehemiah Maxwell