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Mental Health & Addiction

For information about mental health issues including addiction and suicide: 

We Do Recover Blog is an informative Blog regarding various recovery topics:


A podcast program dedicated to showcasing impactful personal stories told by individuals in their own words, how addiction destroyed their lives, but now they are on the road to recovery:

Recommended books for recovery

32 Principles For Recovery Click Here

This is a self-help book intended to bring awareness to the nature of addiction and hopefully provide wisdom and guidance on the pathway for recovery.


The Road To Wellness, by John Forlenza-Bailey M Ed, LADC, is an excellent workbook designed to give you a simple step by step 30 day outline for establishing a sober lifestyle. 

Click Here

Life Coaching & Leadership Training

Ministry Insights, provides events, resources, workshops, for building teams, leaders and organizations.  There are resources for couples and individuals who desire to build better interpersonal relationships by “leading from your strengths.”

Recommended books

Leading From Your Strengths, by Rodney Cox. This book will help you to better understand and appreciate your teams strengths, and learn how to blend your differences into a strong and effective team: Click Here


212 The extra Degree, by Sam Parker.  This book has been masterfully written, using simple truths that are extremely impactful.  You will find this book to be a quick and easy read, yet at the same time you will more than likely have an epiphany about your life and the way that you have gone about in your approach to various difficulties. Click Here


212 Leadership: The 10 Rules For Highly Effective Leadership, by Mac Anderson.  This book gives guidance and wisdom to help leaders make the leap from good to great: Click Here

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